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History Textbooks Do Not Tell the Truth About Slavery :: United States History Essays

For what reason Do History Textbooks Hesitate to Tell the Truth About Slavery? Works Cited Missing [1] In the film Sankofa, Haile Gerima doesn't spare a moment to show the crowd the detestations of servitude. In addition to the fact that he shows the severe and mortifying practices utilized by slaveholders to enslave slaves yet he additionally shows how slaveholders utilized Christianity to control and control slaves. He exhibits the gigantic effect of servitude on today’s society and the significance of thinking back to subjection to comprehend the present. Customarily, history course books have dithered to discuss any of these parts of subjection. Present history books have started to portray the brutalities of bondage yet at the same time will not disclose slavery’s sway or to make reference to Christianity’s job in servitude. There are three primary purposes behind this aversion to be honest pretty much all parts of subjection when composing history course books. These are enthusiasm for the United States, social inclination towards the white race, and a p redisposition towards Christianity. Patriotism/Patriotism [2] When researchers and antiquarians compose history books, they are generally constrained by their feeling of patriotism or energy. They dither (or maintain a strategic distance from out and out) to expound on occasions or establishments that make the United States look awful. As James Loewen calls attention to, history course readings ...leave out whatever may reflect seriously [on] our national character (2). Most residents of the United States are pleased with the United States, its history, and its current job in the world’s issues. They would prefer not to compose or find out about wrongs and shameful acts that the United States government or state governments have permitted or even supported. Eric Foner, teacher of history at Columbia University, referenced in a show called Who Owns History, that the establishing fathers considered subjugation when composing the constitution and that the constitution fortified the organization of bondage, by giving slaveholders more fo rce. The vast majority have never known about this in light of the fact that the constitution was constantly proclaimed as a mind blowing bit of composing that made a reasonable and adjusted government. Students of history abstained from referencing that the constitution fortified subjection since that would pollute the heritage of the constitution and the United States in general. History that we learn in school isn't a fair portrayal of realities; it is formed and deciphered by the antiquarians who expound on it. Antiquarians are continually impacted by national pride and the craving to make our country look great.

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Dead Souls essays

Dead Souls articles Dead Souls by Nickolai Gogol, was discharged March 25, 1997. This epic was first distributed in 1842. Dead Souls is numerous things. In addition to the fact that it is an anecdotal novel of Russian life an epic, a progression of charachter depictions of the different great and awful individuals from Russian culture. The principle characters in this novel incorporate Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov, an excused government worker and the hero of the novel,Nozdrev the player, tipsy and enthusiastic liar, the excessively tender Manolive, and the tightfisted and distrustful Plewskin. Dead Souls happens in Russia in the late 1800s, where, dissimilar to in America, one must be naturally introduced to a prosperous family so as to have openings. The primary character, Chichikov, is sufficiently smart to build up a plan in which he can ascend from being a unimportant agent to a regarded landowner. So as to do this, Chichikov moves into wrongdoing. In the finish of Dead Souls, Chichikov is betrayed by the individuals he works with, and doesn't pull off his astute arrangement. Nickolai Gogol successfully uses the parts of his work. This epic incorporates a progression of character depictions of the different great and awful individuals from the Russian culture. Gogol handles his subjects with mind and diversion. His composing sprinkles the account with social reflection and musings on human instinct, never exhausting or bombastic, yet consistently clever and sarcastic. Truth be told, Gogol's incongruity, and negativity are presumably the most important resources of this specific novel. Nickolai Gogol sparkles in humorous characters. Every landholder Chichikov visits is a scaled down perfect work of art of erraticisms reflecting parts of Russian character. The dubious elderly person, the ridiculously obstinate bargainer, and the feign calling boozer. Chichikov shrewdly adjusts to each, concincing different kinds to sell him dead serfs. Those acquainted with Gogol's short work will as of now relish his sharp mind. He utilizes the plot of the novel to paint a n elating p... <!

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Book Riots Deals of the Day for August 8th, 2019

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Marketing Pl Marketing Vision And Goals - 1533 Words

Develop a marketing plan Assessment 1 Marketing vision and goals Marketing needs, trends, description and segmentation Core marketing and product/services strategy Sales Strategy, advertising and promotions including any strategic alliances Relation of these strategies with overall strategies SWOT Analysis Objectives for improving SWOT analysis Legal and ethical requirements and considerations Scheduling, costing and accountabilities Coordination and monitoring procedures Marketing plan Possible expansion of franchises in market Risk analysis of the marketing plan Marketing vision and goals The Grand Diner is a spot for family fellowship sorted out around a typical adoration for the customary American burger joint and the†¦show more content†¦Individuals who work in the downtown range amid the day, who will search for stroll in great nourishment and accommodation for late breakfast and lunch. 2. Encompassing organizations searching for telephone in lunch for conferences. 3. Specialists with families searching for take-out sustenance to bring home for family supper toward the end of the workday. Each of these business sector fragments comprises of individuals who either work in the downtown territory or course through this zone amid the ordinary work week. Accordingly, there will be an undetermined rate of every business sector that will look for an eating foundation that will meet the prerequisites of sound sustenance, quick administration, and charming air. For the business market we have to concentrate on particular organizations with particular open doors. For people we have to lever off verbal suggestions, presumably relying upon business clients. The business market has the capability of giving huge volume deals to the organization amid the crest hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., both through little gatherings of businessmen going by NWD and conveyance orders. Fulfilment of this gathering will give a fundamental

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Katniss And Rue Friendship Analysis - 1203 Words

Katniss and Rue: Friendship Analysis Suzanne Collins’ character, Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games, is a determined young woman who knows that life is not as easy and happy as the Capitol would like everyone to believe. This is partly why she is so untrusting of everyone’s motives; she does not truly believe anyone could be interested in her just for her, they always have ulterior motives in her mind. The one thing she does know how to do however is to protect. She has been protecting her family since her father died and while in the Hunger Games arena she finds herself wanting to protect Rue, a young girl who reminds her so much of her younger sister. Katniss and Rue only know one another for the short time during the Games, but in that time they build a friendship; the question however is: What kind of friendship do they have? Would they have been friends if they knew each other outside of the Games? If they both managed to survive the Games would they continue to be friends? Although these questions can only be speculated through analysis of their interactions the responses could give further insights on their characters. Familiarity is what brought Katniss to notice Rue, a familiarity that ultimately fueled her need to protect and befriend her. From the time Katniss saw Rue’s reaping on the train ride to the Capitol she sees her as â€Å"†¦very like Prim in size and demeanor.† (Collins 45). She also notes that Rue has no one willing to volunteer in her place as she didShow MoreRelatedExploring Young People s Literacy Practices Across Corporate And User Produced Platforms6165 Words   |  25 Pagesengagement, affiliation, and immersion afforded by transmedia ecologies. Further research must be attuned to the power relations always present in media ecologies and to consider what critical media literacy might look like in networked ecologies. Analysis/Discussion/Example Section Corporate Sponsorship of Literacy The Hunger Games provides a robust example for thinking critically about the kinds of literacy practices that a media ecology affords. The franchise began as a trilogy of books that quickly

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A Beneficial Change That Has Been Proposed For The Welfare

A beneficial change that has been proposed for the Welfare program is a time limit on how long people are allowed to be on welfare. When putting a time limit into place, new job programs will emerge in order to help find the individuals a place of employment (Molander). Job programs would provide training and assistance in helping the individual find employment. These â€Å"job programs† would be instated for the purpose of helping those people on welfare get off as soon as possible (Molander). In turn this would back up the time limit, because the job program would be created in a way in which encouragement to find a job would be fully incorporated (Ybarra). â€Å"Activation programs† would be the official term and they will help the unemployable†¦show more content†¦The time limit on welfare would not affect the already employed single mothers as much as it would the unemployed mothers. It was found that in certain cases single mothers who were unemployed we re without a job not out of personal desire to continue on governmental assistance, they just could not find a reliable job that provided them with their necessary needs in relation to the responsibilities they had with their children. A solution to the single mothers on welfare factor would be that certain applicants under critical circumstances can file for an extension in welfare, if they meet set requirements. Welfare Fraud Welfare is not intended to be a way for citizens to have a way out of having to look for employment, but for many that is what it has become. An estimated 21.3% of all Americans were on some sort of Welfare program each month in 2012 (Bureau). Fraud is a commonly found problem within the welfare system, and it can come in many forms. The eligibility of welfare applicants are reviewed annually, but this allows for errors to occur in the manner of which the applicant could be eligible for a half a year, but they still receive assistance for the rest of the year when they no longer need it (Ribali). The annual check for eligibility accounts for the fair amountShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Child Care Programs?914 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The US department of health and human services has indicated a commitment to â€Å"reduce the dependency of needy families through the promotion of job preparation, work and marriage† and to â€Å"provide assistance to needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes† (Office of Family Assistance, 2017). With changes in family dynamics and the shifting economy it is increasingly less plausible for single-earner households to achieve economic stability (Stevens, 2017). ParentsRead More Analysis of Johnsons The Great Society Essay679 Words   |  3 Pagesand its citizens. It is a continuation and expansion of the ideas expressed in Roosevelts New Deal with the intentions of not only providing greater welfare but also equality of all races in all aspects of society. Although there were many accomplishments by the program, it is a direct violation of the constitution and should have never been allowed. The Constitution was designed to outline the scope of governmental authority and establish the basic arrangement and powers of the Federal governmentRead MoreThe Main Disagreements Between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties825 Words   |  4 PagesDemocrats, are all based on greatly differing ideologies which can often lead to them having varying viewpoints on key issues. These differences can often lead to conflicts or disagreements between the parties over which policy will be most beneficial to the country. A particularly controversial and fiercely contested issue is the role of the United Kingdom in the future of the European Union. The Labour party are often considered to be pro-Europe although their policies do Read MoreShould Welfare Be Reformed?1676 Words   |  7 PagesWelfare, enacted by one of the greatest presidents of the United States’s existence, Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt, is an effective and useful means to assist American families in need. Throughout history, welfare has proven to help people get back on their feet and into society. Despite the system’s many useful benefits, like most attributes in this world, welfare has kinks in the system. In fact, welfare has yet to be perfected, even though it was established in the year of 1935 and is still in useRead MoreEducation Policies And The Greens1690 Words   |  7 Pages Social wellbeing is contingent upon equitable social policy addressing all varieties of demographics and needs. One highly contested social policy issue in Aotearoa is that of tertiary education. Tertiary education policies are proposed by multiple parties, however the most contentious of these can be drawn from the Greens and ACT who hold highly opposing social wellbeing ideologies. Essentially, to reveal binary oppositions between these policies, market and state ideologies must be consideredRead MoreSocial Welfare Policy Analysis For Social Workers Essay926 Words   |  4 Pages Plan to Influence Policy In order to conduct meaningful change and to be effective in influencing policy, there must be a well thought out plan in place. In the text The Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers by Popple and Leighninger (2015) they argue that â€Å"For an action strategy to be effective, it is imperative that the people taking the action have a firm grasp on the problem they are dealing with and on achievable goals. You must do yourRead MoreBarack Obama s Current Tax Code1728 Words   |  7 Pages With the presidential elections coming up, different tax policies are being debated between the candidates. Whether it is proposed by a Democratic or a Republican presidential candidate, there have been many possible solutions presented on how to reform the current tax code. Focusing specifically on four candidates, two from the Democratic Party, and two from the Republican Party, I will compare and contrast their respective tax proposals. Whil e the Democratic candidates generally agree with PresidentRead MoreWelfare Policy During The Great Depression1439 Words   |  6 PagesWelfare Policy has helped an abundance of people in America. Sometimes, unforeseen events occur and assistance is needed. Because of these troubling circumstances, the need for institution and development of welfare programs came about. The American Welfare Policy has good intent; it has helped millions of people through its time. Although, there are many that believe our Welfare Policy is in great need of reform and the abuse of the system must come to an end. Welfare policy made its formal debutRead MoreEducational Budget Cuts: Denying Students the Opportunity for Potential1599 Words   |  7 Pageseducation of the younger generations. Only time can tell whether adolescents, currently being educated, can maintain the high level of learning with the barriers they are going to encounter with the proposed budget. For a positive future in Pennsylvania, the youth must be educated intelligently and properly. Proposed Pennsylvania state educational budget cuts will deny students the opportunity to develop their fullest potential creatively, academically, and socially. Governor Tom Corbett’s new budget proposalRead MoreThe Implications of Current Child Policy for the Welfare of Children1466 Words   |  6 PagesThe Implications of Current Child Policy for the Welfare of Children Children in the United Kingdom are key consumers of social policy. They consume a vast amount of the many services provided by this Country. Services such as health care through Doctors, hospitals and clinics, the education system which is largely devoted financially to the schooling of young people, and also the social security system which is stretched by children whose parents are in need of income

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Facebook Employees Love Mark Zuckerberg

Question: Describe about the Report for Facebook Employees Love Mark Zuckerberg. Answer: Introduction The year 2004 marked a revolution in the social networking site , led to the emergence of the most talked about and preferred social site named Facebook. It was found by Mark Zuckerberg along with his students and Harvard college friends. Firstly it launched the site amongst its university and later expanded to within various other colleges in Boston. In America , the university students are given a directory named face book and hence the name (, 2016). After 2 years of its launch within a closed group, the site was made officially available to people across the globe. The users created there own users profile and added other users as their friends. This enabled connecting friends worldwide , exchange messages, photos videos, and many more important news also. The concept of Facebook soon led to te creation of various pages which helped in the promotion of business houses. However its existence became more prominent from the year 2009 and by the mid of the year 2010 it had more than 500 million users(Kux, 2015. The site has now not only become a common platform for friends to be in touch but also a platform for sharing news, advertising, conducting online business more successfully as well as connecting families across the globe. Non Electronic Communication Methods And Strategies Non-electronic communication means communicating in the form of letters, reports, verbally, with the staff members etc. Thus communication without the usage of media is what comprises of non electronic communication. Though this form of communication is not very popular in todays time yet there are certain circumstances when this form cannot be ignored in total. The CEO has removed barriers between the employees and the mangers as his entire office has glass walls including his own cabin which enables direct engagement of Mark Zuckerberg with his staff members face to face. He feels for employees to relax it is very important for them to work away from their desks also The CEO directly engages with its employees into a verbal communication which is a very important factor (Taylor, 2016). Facebook engages its customers and the suppliers by entering into contracts with them non electronically. Everything cannot be saved that is online for lifelong. Further for ensuring the validity of an agreement in the court of law non-electronic communication holds good. Thus Facebook cannot let go of the letters, reports as well as agreements electronically as the same is still not acceptable by many courts across the globe. With regards the public as a whole the company does not engage directly into any contract with the public. As its public database is huge and scattered there is a defined terms and conditions agreement which flashes when a new user registers with Facebook via its social networking site and agreeing to those terms is enough to be construed as a valid contract in the eyes of law also. Thus when it comes to using the method of communication with the public, it can only use electronic method due its easy reach where ever. But for entering into confidential contract s with employees, customers and suppliers the company uses the non electronic method of communications only (Zuckerberg, 2014). Electronic Media And Communication Strategies The company was formed to connect people from diverse regions and demography. Facebook was earlier developed for easy communication amongst a closed group of students in the Harvard University and soon became public within a short span of time. Facebook uses various communication strategies to reach people via its websites such as, social media such as watsapp and other electronic platforms. It has provided such a platform that companies across the globe can easily communicate with each other instantly without much of time and money and thus has enabled organizations to make more profits by building new avenues every hour (lampe 2013). There are a number of electronic media and communication strategy used by Facebook which is enumerated as under: Facebook: It is a communication strategy formed by the company to enable people to connect. It is a mobile application as well as a full website easily accessible through a desktop or a laptop. It is a social networking site which connects people from various part of the planet. It is an easy way to know what is going on in the lives of the other person who may be your friends, office colleagues, employees , acquaintances etc. The website enables to share photos, videos, to let people know about what they are doing, many advertisements are posted, important news are posted which makes people aware of the happenings worldwide just by a click on the said app. It also enables people to form groups on Facebook and conduct online business. The website gives space to comment on the photos and the videos posted and thus share views, liking a particular page on the application keeps one updated with what is new in that section (Faustino, 2014). Watsapp: It is a messenger which enables free communication amongst people who have internet connection in their mobile. It is an application that can only be used in the mobile phone. It is a form of messenger which enables easy and fast communication and is replacing the normal messaging trend at a very faster pace. It enables to connect people personally and is not a public platform. This messenger also enables to create groups and broadcasts thus ensuring personal communication at a go (Journalists Resource, 2013). Oculus: It is a virtual reality technology. Facebook aims at increasing its reach nd provide its users a more entertaining environment. On a test being conducted of the same people say it is an experience which makes impossible possible. One of its kind is the Oculus Rift Headset which once put on takes the person into a different world altogether. It makes one feel that he or she is with some other people and ata different place. Messenger: It is similar to but not as user friendly as watsapp. It enables users who are on facebook to chat also via this application. Thus those who are a part of facebook can only use messenger as a form of communication. Unlike the site this is a personalized way to communicate (Krivak, 2008). Swot Analysis Of Communication Methods And Practices A SWOT Analysis enables one to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats that a company faces thus enabling it to identify its pros and cons. This analysis helps the top management to plan accordingly. On conducting a SWOT analysis of Facebooks overall communication methods and practices the following is results are extracted: STRENGTHS: The company has reported the highest profit against its rivals Twitter and Linkedin. The advertisements that flash on various apps of the company is very limited. It prefers to provide quality advertisements on its websites and social networking sites. This is one of the biggest strengths as the message which the advertisers want to communicate is well served as only limited ones are published. Thus its method of communicating and helping the businesses is very stringent and pro quality. Also its communicating methods and practices are being improved continuously and its new video delivery platform is all set to even challenge and pose a threat to one of the biggest platform of video communication i.e. YouTube (Ifergane, 2010). WEAKNESSES: The biggest weakness noticed in the communication method and practice that Facebook offers is how much of these advertisements are converted into purchases thus enabling gains in value terms. The company although only displays ads which are of good quality even then the conversion rate is seen higher in the ads displayed by Google. Also the company has been investing in ecosystems more which has also effected its profits majorly (Jureicius, 2013). OPPORTUNITIES: The biggest opportunity that the company has is its extension to the eco system which is way above its own News Feed, since news feeds do not provide information in the chronological order. China has banned the usage of Facebook and Instagram but Watsapp is permissible which ups a huge opportunity for the company to explore the population of China as well. Apart from that Facebooks acquisition of Instagram in the year 2012 could help to contribute upto 12 percent of the companys 2015 revenue figures. This opportunity can be explored if it is properly monetized with advertisements so as to make it more popular amongst the users (, 2015). Peer to peer payments is another development that the company is looking at via its messenger app which is an additional platform for generating revenues through the sponsoring accounts and integration with various other sites. Another area of communication method which poses a big opportunity for the company is its Facebook at Work which allows the business houses to create their closed social network and thus enable faster as well as more secured communication. The Oculus Rift Headset is also a long awaited method of communication which will help to push the revenues further up (Tahir, 2015). THREATS: Though the company has adequate strengths and long term prospects which will help to boost its revenues and pose a good platform for communication yet it has some threats which is required to be fought with. The biggest threat is that of privacy. How much of the communication methods and practices that the company offers via its electronic mode is secure and enough to maintain confidentiality in a business environment. Using facebook, instagram, watsapp as a method to connect socially still does not require much of confidentiality but when it comes to work the same needs to be addressed to make it more popular and increase its usage amongst the big business houses. Breach of data, passwords and personal identification of the facebook account holders can be a possible threat as this may lead to increase in terrorism, kidnapping and other unsocial activities (Sun, 2015). Another major threat to the communication methods which would effect the bottom line of the company is the Adblock facility which the company offers. Thus it can be derived from the above that although there are certain threats and weaknesses amongst its communication methods and practices that the company offers yet its strengths and the possible opportunities in place helps it to post good bottom line figures o a year on year basis. Competition Facebooks two main competitors are Google Inc. And Twitter Inc. Google is the biggest platform for the public to search data on any topic they desire for. Thus it helps communication on a wider platform. Facebook communicates by linking people across the world but communication is required and important data about various topics at length is what it still fails to deliver (Roesler, 2016). This is where Google has a monopoly. It although displays a hoard of advertisements and when it comes to quality per se Facebook display and communicates better quality ads yet its conversion rate is much more than Facebook. The penetration of Google into the business houses is much deeper in the form of the Gmail and Android and is more secured as compared to Facebooks method of communication offered .Further Googles YouTube offers videos which are more visited by the users than Facebooks video platform (Investopedia, 2014). Even if the two companies main businesses are different , one being a sear ch engine and the other being a social networking site yet the communication methods and practices used by both makes them competitors (, 2014). Biggest way of communication is via video ads which is more famous in Facebook than in Google but the conversion rate of ads is more in Google. However its mailing platform makes it the most preferred one even today. Facebook has to reach the business houses cutting across this competitor (Nagarkar, 2015) . Second is Twitter. Inc. It is also a social networking site similar to Facebook but is yet to reach the world at large. It enables users to write and read short messages only. Those having an account in Twitter can post as well as read messages whereas those who are not registered can only read the messages (Robinson, 2015). It is a more effective to send messages publicly however the same can be restricted to be viewed only to its followers. Twitter poses the threat of fastest way of communication in lieu of the longer conversation strings that Facebook offers. While Twitter offers communication with strangers also Thus these communication features and methods enable Twitter to stand as a competitor to Facebook (Chang, 2013). Suggestion And Recommendation On Improving Facebooks Communication Strategies Even though Facebook has been buying off its competitors such as Instagram and Watsapp, the company still has some other major players in the market which offer such communication and e communication strategies. These companies deter Facebook from grabbing the maximum share in the market and create its own monopoly. The company has improve its communication strategies within the organization by creating some distance between the executives and the employees along with maintaining a transparent relationship and communication string. Its e communication methods such as the social networking sites and the websites needs further improvements. Facebook should be made a little private which should allow the users to enable viewing of their profiles and posts to only the selected group of people. A policy should be formed to disallow communication of unsocial and undesirable data on the social networking site of the company. It allows anybody to create a page on its site which should be app roved first by the company before being uploaded. This make the content of the communication more desirable and acceptable to the public (Sikka, 2014). Conclusion Thus on a concluding note I would like to summarize the report by simply highlighting the fact that Facebook Inc. has revolutionized the communication and e-communication strategies worldwide. It spread like a pest and today has become a vital part of most of our lives. The companys communication strategies are limited for within the organization but the e communication strategies that it offers is wide spread and highly recognized by all. It poses a great threat to Google and Twitter however it still needs improvements in various other domains of communication. The company has still not been able to provide a single umbrella to its users. It has basically contributed towards connecting people and helping them join hands across countries. It has made personal communication more easy and enabled people to break the inter-continental barriers. It has made people connect without much expense and also is now trying to stand as a competitor to major telecom companies also by introduction of the Watsapp calling feature. The most required area of concentration that the company fails to assess is to launch a search engine. Thus although its just been 10 years of the companys existence it has created its brand value very rapidly and aims to soar higher with the various opportunities it wishes to explore in the near future. References Kux, S., 2015, 10 Reasons Why 99% of Facebook Employees Love Mark Zuckerberg, viewed on 25th May 2016, Taylor, H., 2016, Why Facebook is going all in on chatbots, viewed on 25th May 2016, Zuckerberg, M., 2014, Facebook, viewed on 25th May 2016, Sun, L., 2015, SWOT Analysis of Facebook Inc. viewed on 25th May 2016, Krivak, T., 2008, Facebook 101: Ten things You need to know About Facebook, viewed on 25th May 2016, Journalists Resource, 2013, Social media in the workplace : Research Roundup, viewed on 25th May 2016, Investopedia, 2014, Who are Facebooks main competitors?, viewed on 25th May 2016, Chang, A., 2013, Facebook and Twitters Growing Competitors, viewed on 25th May 2016, Robinson, P., 2015, Facebook vs Twitter: Social Media Strategy, viewed on 25th May 2016, Nagarkar, V., 2015, Google Vs Facebook : Competition Heats up in Online Video Advertising, viewed on 25th May 2016, Roesler, P., 2016, 3 Things to Expect From the Google Versus Facebook Battle in 2016, viewed on 25th May 2016,, 2014, Comparing the Deep Linking Strategies of Google, Apple and Facebook , viewed on 25th May 2016, Tahir, N.M., 2015, Facebook SWOT Analysis, viewed on 25th May 2016, Ifergane, A.B., 2010, Exploring the Facebook growth Strategy and the future of Facebook, viewed on 25th May 2016, Faustino, T., 2014, 5 Objectives Mark Zuckerberg Tracks for Facebooks Domination, viewed on 25th May 2016, Sikka, P., 2014, Why investors punished facebooks stock despite strong growth, viewed on 25th May 2016,, 2016, Company Overview of Facebook Inc., viewed on 25th May 2016, Jureicius, O., 2013, SWOT Analysis of Facebook, viewed on 25th May 2016,, 2015, Facebook- SWOT Analysis, viewed on 25th May 2016, Lampe, C., Vitak, J., Ellison, N., 2013, Users and Non Users : Interactions between Levels of Facebook Adoption and Social Capital, viewed on 25th May 2016,